Week 28: Did something good with Bread.

What is the worth of a loaf of bread?

As far as cooking goes this week it was mostly hamburgers. One night we had chicken patties instead of beef patties and there was a lot of soup for lunches. But at night it has been burgers lately because of our crazy schedules. I fry up some hamburger patties and everyone just makes hamburgers at their convenience.

The great thing that happened this week was my wife’s company participated in an auction to benefit the local food bank. I was asked to bake some loaves of bread to contribute to the auction.

I understand the loaves sold on average for $80 each. Then the company made a matching contribution to the food banker all the money raised, so my simple loaves raised $160 each for the food bank.

When possible use your cooking to do something good for others. It should first benefit yourself and your family but then see who else could use a meal or a simple snack. From a full meal taken to the family of a sick person to just a plate of cookies to someone. Food has always had to power to reach out to people in need.



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