Week 26: Overtaken by events. Again.

A couple of weeks ago I installed plank flooring in the dining room. This meant the kitchen was filled with everything from the dining room making it a challenge to cook. Inconvenient but not too bad. We just made very simple meals like sandwiches and salads.

This week, with everything back in the dining room, I decided to empty the kitchen and do some painting. This meant that the kitchen was almost unusable again. So once again we just cooked simple meals. The best part was that it worked very well with the heat of the summer. Sandwiches, quesadillas, Pizza and burgers on the patio and even cold cereal for lunch. Everyone just ate light and simple. It was an easy week so far as cooking went but I sat and figured out how much we would have spent and how many unneeded calories we would have eaten in any other year by eating fast food or take away meals.

Any other week like this we would have just written the kitchen off for a few days and eaten out or brought food in. Instead by eating in we saved a lot of money by simply planning a little and working around the mess or just using the pizza oven and grill on the deck. we basically saved enough to pay for the supplies I bought to paint the kitchen.

Sorry I didn’t take before and after pictures.



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