Week 25: Camping

The edge of The Great Salt lake

I’m behind in writing so the next couple of entries will be short. This week was just another week of cooking at home. This is just normal now, even on hectic days. We are finding no need to go out or buy fast food. Having enough food in the house to cook anytime is just normal.

This week was the summer solstice so we went out camping at the edge of the Great Salt Lake to enjoy the longest day of the year. Dinner was just a simple stew and some bread. Breakfast was fresh juice I had made the day before and lunch was just veggie snacks and some chips. Simple and enjoyable.

I encourage you to do some cooking while camping or even just as a picnic at a park. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive but try cooking out instead of bringing pre made food with you. It is fun.



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