Week 24: Overtaken by Events.

New Dining room floor

This week I pulled out the 35 year old carpet from my dining room and replaced it with laminated plank flooring. The problem was that this meant that the dining table, chairs, sofa, china cabinet, curio cabinet, book shelf, cook books Etc. needed somewhere to go. Where did they go? The kitchen!

It would have been so easy to spend this week eating fast food, take away and delivered meals. It was very tempting especially after the day we did the actual install of the planks. I was beat and in no mood to cook anything. But we stuck it out and mostly had sandwiches and salads. We did have a big dinner with extended family at their house and took home some leftover roast turkey and all the usual sides that go with it. That made a couple easy meals also.

As simple as it gets.

Making sandwiches and salads was easy and was all prepared on a cutting board while the counters and kitchen table were full of other things. Sandwiches and salads cost a lot less than fast food and also saved us a lot of unneeded calories.

This was not an exciting week of cooking by any means but it showed that with very little planning we were able to avoid eating out when the kitchen was essentially unusable for a few days. The best part of this week is that the old carpet is gone and I have a much nicer floor in there now. A floor I am not embarrassed to use to entertain friends. The old carpet was REALLY bad. I think the new look will open up some fun opportunities to cook for friends and family this fall.

See you next week. John


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