Week: 22. Fresh bread makes everything better.

So it got cold again. Things were busy and canned soups and stews just worked out as the best things to cook on a cool wet week. But a little leftover Pizza Dough tossed in a very hot oven then brushed with olive oil or herbed butter made even a simple can of soup wonderful. dough is so simple to make and easy to cook. Not every loaf needs to be perfectly proofed and formed. Let it rise, press out flat or roll in a ball and place on a stone or baking sheet in a hot oven. Bake until it looks, smells and sounds done.

It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t need to look like it came off of a magazine cover. It’s just bread the way we have been making it for thousands of years. But a little fresh bread is a great compliment to any simple meal.


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