Week 21: On the Road again. Why you need a great cooler.

This will be short and sweet. As well as late. I was on the road last week for family business. I was a great trip but I seem have come home to computer issues. This is the third attempt at writing this entry.

Basically we did another week on the road and avoided unnecessary eating out by bringing a nice cooler. We ate with family and had a couple nice meals at a hotel but a lot of our food and drink came from a cooler in my truck.

Coolers have changed a lot over the last ten years. Look for any of the new Roto-Molded Coolers. They are expensive compared to the old styles but prices vary greatly from brand to brand. Reviews and comparisons are available online.

The thing you need to know about any cooler is they don’t cool food and drink. Ice cools everything. If you take a warm cooler and warm food and drink and try to cool it with ice the day you head out you will end up with cool food and water.

You need to pre chill all of the food and drink in a refrigerator a couple of days ahead of time and chill the cooler with ice at least two days ahead. Then dump the ice, load the food and top off with fresh ice. This way everything starts cold and the ice just has to keep it cold. Not cool everything to start with. This way you can get several days or even a week of cold food.

So we had great week with family. Ate well with family, a nice place in the hotel and from the truck. We saved a lot of money and unneeded calories by using the cooler. And we were able to bring home a dozen phenomenal bottles of cold pressed juice by being able to keep it on ice for a day.

See you next week.



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