Week 18: Have a few great standby meals.

Not even a picture this week. I’m late so this will be very short. This week was dominated by meeting some long lost members of my family. It was an incredible experience. What did we do? We ate. It was just time to cook, eat and celebrate. These are the days when you seriously need a few great meals you can put on in a moments notice.

Keep them simple and fun. We are talking Burgers, Dogs, Pizza. That sort of simple. But make them great. Take the lowly Hot Dog. You could just boil them and add mustard and ketchup but why when it is so easy to knock them out of the park. Use a great Polish or Italian sausage. Top with a dill spear, celery salt, minced onion, peppers and stone ground mustard. Wonderful and an easy upgrade. Besides no one over the age of eight should eat a dog with ketchup.

Or a fast pizza. Throw a pizza stone in the oven and set it to HOT! Make some dough if you have time or buy some pre-made dough. DOUGH! NOT frozen pizza crust! Toss it thin. Top with sauce, mozzarella and basil. Maybe a little pepperoni. Neapolitan at it’s finest. Quick, easy and impressive if you have first worked the techniques.

You don’t always have time to prep a great meal but if you have prepared yourself, you can knock out a great meal on little notice. Dig into your roots and heritage. What great meals come from your families past that you can master and present on a moments notice? Build your culinary repertoire so you are not stuck depending upon take away food when it is time for an impromptu celebration.



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