Week 17: A quarter of a year and still chugging along.

Sandwich Wrap.
The most useful thing you are not using.

Just another week in the kitchen. Nothing special or interesting this week. It is just so normal now to eat in. There have been an occasional social or business event where we ate away from home and we did attend a cultural festival where we had a horrible meal from a vender but aside from that, eating in is really the norm. Our finances have really seen a boost as well as our health. I am losing about a pound a week and my wife’s blood pressure is the best it has been in years. I presume the later is to the lack of salt from restaurant food. But all in all just another week in our lives.

I know people are asking my wife to have me post more recipes. I will try to do more of that in the future. Most of what I have been cooking has just been from the gut or meals I know well. No recipes to follow but I will be cooking more new things in the upcoming months as the weather warm up so there will be new recipes to post.

This weeks tip goes back to the ABCs of cooking. Always Be cleaning. If you make a mess clean it top as fast as you can. this keeps your kitchen clean while you cook. this makes cooking easier and more fun. However, if you can avoid a mess in the first place you are way ahead of the game. One way to do this is to use Sandwich Wrappers to keep things clean. I use them in many places you could use a paper plate or paper towel but I find wrappers less expensive and easier to use in many cases.

Keeping the counter clean.

They are available in 10, 12 and 14 inch sizes. and cost about $12 to $15 for a package of 1000 sheets. They are lightly waxed and are slightly water resistant. The wax makes them great for wrapping food, prepping food and keeping areas clean but don’t use them in place of baking sheets or baking parchment. The wax will create a lot of smoke when heated in the oven.

They are available at any food service dealer. If you are not shopping a professional type food service store, Start. Many are for wholesale customers only but many are open to retail customers as well. Those are the ones to find. They have all of the things professional cooks use so why not bring those resources into your home to improve your cooking. I will take more about these stores in a later post.

Like I said this was just an ordinary week. Menu included Salad and Sandwiches, Chili over corn chips, Chili Verde with Quesadillas and Corn Dogs (frozen) on a night that dinner was particularly late.

The only thing to really note this week was I have started to cook meals for my wife to take to lunch at work. Instead of just sending her leftovers in a deli container for her to warm up I bought nice paper take away containers, plastic silverware sets and take out style “T-Shirt” bags for her to take her lunch to work. It looks like she is bringing a meal from a restaurant instead of just packing yesterdays food in a jar. this is helping me up my cooking game for her. Even a lunch you haul to work can be made nice. I will talk more about that more later also.

Thanks, John.

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