The First Week Of Eating in. Or, Leftovers are King.

Tools of the trade.

Our first week of eating in was incredible easy. We did however experience the first of what will surely be many challenges. Fortunately this initial challenge was anticipated ahead of time.

With the first week starting on New Year’s Day, leftovers were more than plentiful. We had held a large New Year’s Eve party featuring a generous Taco and Nacho bar. This resulted in uneaten taco meat, tortillas, cheese and a variety of vegetables. In the early hours of the new year I put everything into Deli Containers and stored it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Much of our diet this week has been creative uses of Taco fixings. It was easy and enjoyable. Tacos, Nachos, Enchiladas, Breakfast Burritos, Quesadillas. The same basic flavor pallet but far from boring and very enjoyable for the first week.

The first challenge came while running errands on New Years day. It would have been easy to just grab fast food while we were out like we have done so many times before. We just planned ahead and ate before we left the house or adjusted our schedule to have dinner as soon as we got home. This was easy until Friday when we drove our son several hours back to College.

We stopped to buy him groceries and bought juice for ourselves for the ride home. I wish I had packed a sandwich or veggies but the juice was enough. Just a lesson learned before the next short road-trip.

The results of the first week: We skipped eating fast food at least twice, possibly three times. My wife and I skipped eating dinner by ourselves when we drove right past my favorite Thai restaurant and skipped eating with our son when we dropped him at school. We usually have dinner with our kids at a local diner when we drop them at school. Nice food but a little pricy.

I have lost two pounds of holiday weight. Not a lot but I doubt I would have done that if we had eaten out. As for the financial impact we have saved almost Two Hundred Dollars. Dinner with my son at school is always about $100. The Thai dinner we skipped would have run about $50 to $60 and fast food would have run another $40 to $50.

Lost 2 pounds. Saved $200. Not a bad start to the year. See you next week.


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